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About Us

Recognizing that young people are the life-blood of the Church, the members of the Joshua Seventh-day Adventist Church established a Multi-grade school in the year 1986-87.  It was opened to all youth who are members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and to all other youth who wish to obtain a religious education.  All who attend the school will understand that it is operated in harmony with Adventist principles and concepts, whose curriculum and teaching is Christ-centered. 
JAMS believes that through the use of the Holy Scriptures and the Spirit of Prophecy, students will gain a growing knowledge of and a love for the Creator.  Each student will be given opportunities to accept Christ as their Savior and allow the Holy Spirit to transform their lives.  We believe that JAMS challenges students to develop a personal sense of mission for sharing the gospel to the world.  Students are assisted in developing an understanding and appreciation for the worth of all people. 
JAMS recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for each student to excel within the parameters of the interest, needs, and abilities that they possess.